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Os Roncairo House

Os Roncairo House

OS RONCAIRO HOUSE is a full rental House.



OS RONCAIRO HOUSE renting process is via booking form on our website. You can also contact us through our telephone +34 981 754 277 / +34 609 113 996 / +34 606 379 470.


  1. Rent. The house means accepting the general conditions for all purposes.
  2. The minimum rent of the house is 3 days, except for the months of July and August, where preference is given to two weeks vacation.
  3. The maximum number the house´s occupants is 6 people* and can reach 8 prior communication and negotiation.
  4. The rent of the house includes water, electricity, diesel and firewood. Also includes full linen and cleaning products.
  5. The house must be left int he same conditions of cleanliness and order that was found upon arrival in their first day of rental.
  6. To access «OS RONCAIRO HOUSE», is a must have paid a deposit of 200 €. This deposit will be refunded to customers the last day of rental. The deposit will not be refunded if:
  • The maximum is exceed occupants allowed in the house
  • Damage is caused to the property or its furniture

7. In case of cancellation of booking the house for reasons unrelated to our company, the deposit of 30% of the total rental made at the time of booking will not be refunded.
8. «OS RONCAIRO HOUSE» accepts no responsibility for any aspect of your holidays, in case of illness, accident or other.


The agreed price includes the numbers of persons and overnights contracted according with the Contract. The accommodation of more persons than contracted is not allowed without the previous consent and registration by OS RONCAIRO HOUSE.

The booking requires a 30% advanced payment of the total amount as deposit. The booking will be firm once the income of the deposit has been confirmed and then «OS RONCAIRO HOUSE» will communicate to the Renter the booking confirmation.

There is compensation in case of booking cancelation of:

  • 5% of the deposit if the cancelation is communicated with more the 30 days in advance of the check in date.
  • 50% of the deposit if the cancelation is communicated between 7 and 30 days in advance of the check in date.
  • 100% of the deposit if the cancelation is communicated 7 or less days in advance of the check in date.

The total price of the stay (less the deposit) will be paid in cash just at the arrival, previous to the fill-in of the contract and the handing over of the keys.

The check-in hours and the check out hour has to be previously agreed with the Owner for coordinating the cleaning works.

«OS RONCAIRO HOUSE» is handed over clean, in perfect use of all its elements (1) and equipped with bed and bad linen, shower gel, wash & dishwashing powder, toilet paper, rubbish bag, olive oil, vinegar, salt and sugar, for starting the stay. The Renter is responsible for stoking up these products during the stay.

The Renter is responsible for keeping clean the premises and for informing to the owner any breakdown that may find or may occur, in order to be immediately mended or replaced.

The Renter is responsible for any damage or breakdown of the furniture, equipments or premises produced by negligent use or by their pets, and also for the theft of objects (2).

The heating system is sized for producing comfortable temperature in every season during the year. The Renter commits to use this service rationally by using the thermostat (lowing when absence and turn off at the checkout) and by avoiding to let the windows and the entry door open without need.

The fireplace is handed over clean, with the woodshed full and with start up material. When the fireplace is in use, the glass door must be always closed. It is forbiden to use the fireplace as grill-barbacue (there are grill-BBQs available for being used outside).

It is not allowed to celebrate parties or meetings in the House or in the garden that may disturb the neighbors or damage the premises or the furniture. Respect for neighbors please be specially silent between 23:00 h and 9:00 h.

«OS RONCAIRO HOUSE» maintains concern for care of the environment by equiping the premises with renewal energy systems, A-energy-class electrical appliances and low consume lights. For giving more sense to our commitment, we ask the Renter to turn off the lights when not necessary, to use rationally the water (hot and cold), to use fully the washmachine capacity, to mantain close the fridge´s door and to dump the rubbish bags in to the public container in the street.

The lareira´s house includes an ashtrays, this is the available smoking area (3).

(1) There is an inventory of all the elements contained in the house at Renter’s disposal.
(2) «OS RONCAIRO HOUSE» has contracted an insurance policy covering theft and/or expoliation except for the objects theft without violence or intimidation or located outside of the house.
(3) Smoke detectors would be activated in case of smoking in others areas.


The total rental price for «OS RONCAIRO HOUSE» will be the price of your booking plus 200 € deposit.

This price is paid in two parts:

      • A first payment when booking. It´s 30% of total rental price, plus 200€ deposit. The money is paid into a bank account within 15 days after receiving notice of payment. This amount will not be refunded in case of cancellation of booking (Point 7 of «Os Roncairo House» General Conditions).
      • The second payment , represents the remaining 70%, and will be paid upon receiving the keys of the house.

Return the deposit of 200 € will be the last day of rental. This deposit will not be returned if the rental conditions are not met (Point 6 of «Os Roncairo House» General Conditions).

* More persons to negociate

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